Lift manually or use a patient lift?

In the long run, a lifting system has more advantages...

In professional literature we find some remarkable facts regarding the manual lifting and moving of patients compared to the use of a patient lift.

Manual versus patient lift

  1. Manually moving patients can NOT be done safely despite specific techniques or maintaining good posture.
  2. A patient lift is more comfortable for the patient, and safer for both the patient and the attendant compared to moving manually.
  3. Moving using a patient lift generally takes less time and requires fewer attendants than moving manually.

Advantages of a lifting system

Based on various studies, it was found that a lifting system has the following advantages in the longer term:

  1. Fewer accidents.
  2. Increased productivity and employee satisfaction.
  3. Less time is lost and fewer absences among employees.
  4. Employees stay longer with the employer.
  5. Higher patient satisfaction and better care of patients (comfort).
  6. Higher quality of the work of the caregivers.


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