“A speedy service is of the greatest importance for us”

We can let Thomas glide from his living room to the outside, all the way to the swimming pool, and then lower him into the water in one move.

Valère Corthouts, father of Thomas, Belgium

“I've been a SureHands® user since 1993”

I want to commend you and your employees for two decades of exemplary service.

Karen Ward - Private user with MD - New Jersey

“The Body Support gives me great flexibility to move around the house”

Forty year old Jeroen Fokke from Amsterdam has been an MS patient for more than 10 years. Thanks to a ceiling lift with the Surehands® Body Support from Handi-Move, installed in his home by Tiltechniek, Jeroen is able to live independently. "The Body Support gives me great flexibility to move around the house," says Jeroen. "My parents are also enthusiastic about this solution."

Jeroen Fokke, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

“We need reliable lift systems”

'De Kade' is a home for adults in Kalmthout. It is part of the CSC Sint-Jozef, the community service center for people with a physical and/or intellectual disability. De Kade has a total of 55 residents, of which 40 live-in and 15 visit the day center. "We would be unable to do our work without the lift systems," says Karl Lardon.

Karl Lardon, De Kade , Belgium

“The two Handi-Move pool lifts are used extensively”

Non-profit organization SOMIVAL (Sport and Relaxation for Disabled People) from Waregem, Belgium, is a sports club for people with a disability or reduced mobility. SOMIVAL offers several activities such as athletics, wheelchair hockey, boccia, horse riding and swimming. The latter takes place in the swimming pool at sports center De Treffer. To allow smooth and easy access into the pool, the club uses two Handi-Move mobile pool lifts. Lucien De Bels and Carlos Van Lauwe, both committee members of the non-profit organization, are delighted with the equipment.

Lucien De Bels & Carlos Van Lauwe from SOMIVAL, Waregem/Belgium, March 2013

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