Sustainable production

By building and designing lifting systems that last as long as possible (“built to last”), Handi-Move is contributing to a sustainable society.

In order to make our production as sustainable as possible, we constantly take various measures, such as :

  • worn-out hoists are dismantled and processed in separate waste streams (e.g. metals and plastics are separated),
  • the packaging of the products is recyclable as far as possible,
  • we work together with external organisations to help us in our efforts.

We still have a long way to go, but every day we take a step forward.

Working sustainably

We strive for a healthy work-life balance of our employees.

Except for our sales team, all our employees come from the region, which means they don't need a long commute. The colleagues who come by bicycle get a bicycle allowance.

The soft drink machines were removed and replaced by a water fountain. Fruit is delivered weekly and is available to all employees. Everyone received a sustainable drinking can and the remaining drinking cups are biodegradable.

Limiting CO² emissions from our buildings as much as possible

We invest in our offices and production halls to limit and reduce CO² emissions as much as possible.

Recent actions :

  • the production halls were given extra roof insulation,
  • the skylights were renewed to make maximum use of natural light,
  • the old lighting was replaced by LED lighting everywhere.

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