Tips & advice for patient lifts

Choosing the right sling size

The table below may serve as a guide for choosing the right sling size.

Lift manually or use a patient lift?

In the long run, a lifting system has more advantages...

What is a patient lift?

To move people with reduced mobility. To prevent excessive physical strain on the caregivers.

Supporting the body: choosing the right sling

The type of sling, the choice of a certain type of material and the choice of size depend on the person to be lifted.

3 lift system types for transfers

Ceiling lifts, mobile lifts and permanently mounted lifts...

History of the mobile patient lift or “steel nurse”

The first mobile patient lift was developed in the 40s...

Self-transferring vs transferring with an attendant

The benefits of self-transferring with the Handi-Move® Body Support...

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