“We need reliable lift systems”

Karl Lardon, De Kade, Belgium

'De Kade' is a home for adults in Kalmthout. It is part of the CSC Sint-Jozef, the community service center for people with a physical and/or intellectual disability. De Kade has a total of 55 residents, of which 40 live-in and 15 visit the day center. "We would be unable to do our work without the lift systems," says Karl Lardon. "The 'steel nurses' are used for 80% of our residents, more than 300 times a day. We therefore need the equipment to be reliable." Karl Lardon is head support worker and living coach at De Kade, and is particularly excited about Handi-Move. Recently, De Kade introduced 5 new mobile lift systems, all Victors. De Kade has 4 residential groups, each using 1 lift, as well as the day center which also uses a lift. The Handi-Move lift systems are therefore used extensively.

"Transfers are much easier than before." "Considering the importance of this investment, we tested several lift systems," says Karl Lardon. "Handi-Move clearly stood out, and not only thanks to its excellent price/quality ratio. Victors are fast, user-friendly and work smoothly. They easily lift from the floor. Transfers are also more smooth than before. Not to mention the ease with which batteries can be charged, which is important due to the extensive use. And they aren't too costly either." Lardon is also pleased about the accessories. "The extra sling belt around the waist of our clients gives them a safe feeling. And the scales are a great feature as well."

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