“A sense of independence and confidence in our student”

Lifting systems - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

Patty Arnott, PT- Valley Central, Middle School, Montgomery, New York (USA)

The SureHandS® lift has not only provided safe and easy transfers but has promoted a sense of independence and confidence in our student.”“Karl Davis is a 13 year old boy who attends seventh grade at Valley Central Middle School. He has a medical diagnosis of Duchenne’s MuscularDystrophy. He negotiates the school environment using a manual wheelchair and with the assistance of a 1:1 Para-professional.

Karl requires maximumassistance of two people to lift him in and out of his wheelchair when the lift is not used. He requires maximum assistance with activities of daily living. The SureHandS® mobile lift and care system is used to transfer him in and out of his wheelchair during therapy and for toileting. The lift has made it possible for his Paraprofessional to assis tKarl in the bathroom and to transfer him to the floor for rest periods without the assistance of another person. The lift promotes ease and safety for both Karl and his Para-professional. Karl uses the controller himselfw hich gives him more independence as well as makes him feel more confident. Our representative lives in our area and has always been available to assits us in any way possible.

We have been very pleased with the SureHandS® lift and care system.

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