Other transfer solutions

Would you like to be transferred from your wheelchair into the jacuzzi? Or to your mobilhome? To your sofa? On the treatment table? In the shower, on the toiletseat? Change wheelchairs? Travel by car? Handi-Move has a solution for each and every transfer.

Handi-Move - Other transfer solutions - With the transfer board - Transfer board

With the transfer board

The transfer board is used for transfers between two objects at the same height. It is primarily intended for independent use, such as entering a car from a wheelchair or moving from a manual wheelchair to an electric wheelchair. Moving between a bed and a chair is also easier with the transfer board.


With a Handi-Move lift, e.g. a mobile lift and a rollboard, you can easily put your patient on the showerbath.

Handi-Move -  - Showerbath - Shower-bathing trolley
Handi-Move - Other transfer solutions - Jacuzzis now also accessible for people with reduced mobility - Wall lift

Jacuzzis now also accessible for people with reduced mobility

Increasingly more people have a private jacuzzi in their own wellness room, on a terrace or in the garden. Handi-Move now also provides access to jacuzzis for people with reduced mobility. A Handi-Move advisor assesses and analyses the requirements and the practical and technical aspects of the situation together with the client at his home. Using a mobile hoist system, the Wall Lift or rail system with motor, the user will be able to transfer from the wheelchair to the jacuzzi. Handi-Move offers flexible solutions in specific situations. Tailored solutions are available if a standard product doesn't meet the requirements.

In the gymnasium

All Handi-Move systems will lower the user to the floor mats in the gymnasium.

Handi-Move -  - In the gymnasium - Ceiling motor , Transverse rails





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