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DayLite Sling Feels like nothing

Feels like nothing

  • Offers complete support, suitable for all users
  • Smooth and soft material (highly air-and moisture-permeable)
  • Comfortable
  • Made to measure
  • Available from XS to XL

This  sling is based on the form of the Handi-Move sling with a moonshaped head support, but will be made from an exclusive nylon material with unique properties:Smooth texture: easy to fit to the patient.Soft texture: ideal for patients with a sensitive skin.Fewer pressure points: with the use of flat seams, a soft contoured support in the leg flaps and with no hand grips, the chance of pressure ulcers is greatly reduced.Thin fabric that allows both air and moisture through to a very high extent is thus ideal to place behind the patient in a wheelchair, for example, or a sitting or lying orthosis.

product information sheet
general product information and technical specifications (PDF - 307 KB)


Slings can be used in every situation and with every form of disability. They are designed for comfortable support.

  • Gentle but strong.
  • Available in netting, solid fabric, and parachute fabric
  • Netting allows water to pass easily and dries relatively quickly.
  • With or without padding (a foam pad between two layers of fabric, which provides better pressure distribution and a softer feel).
  • With or without head support.
  • Durable materials, machine washable and suitable for the drying cabinet.
  • Available in various sizes and models (from XS to XL).
  • Available from stock or made to measure.
  • Our consultants can help you select the right sling.
  • Trial purchase is possible.


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