- Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

Active hoist (model 2620) - No or very little pressure under the armpits

Comfortable from sitting to standing

  • No or very little pressure under the armpits
  • Hands and arms remain in a natural position next to the body at a safe distance of doorframes,...
  • More natural stand-up movement (patented combined movement of lifting arm and user handle).
  • Stable upright position, even for tall people.
  • For a wider group of users: more people can be lifted actively.
  • Compact and maneuverable in confined spaces.
  • Goes easily through the doorway.

Natural 'stand-up' movement with combined lifting arm and handle

The handle and the lifting arm of the active hoist follow their own independent curve. Thanks to this "combined movement of lifting arm and handle" developed and patented by Handi-Move, the user achieves an upright posture via a natural "stand up" movement in an ergonomically correct manner.

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

No or little strain under the armpits

Weak users or persons whose condition prevents them from cooperating actively are especially difficult to lift comfortably.

The central position of the attachment points and the lifting sling designed accordingly ensure that it fits snugly around the torso and does not slide upwards during the upward movement. As a result, the strain under the armpits will be nil or only minimal.

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

Smoothly through the doorway

Hands and arms remain in a natural position next to the body at a safe distance of doorframes,...

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

Stable standing position

The natural movement, the ergonomic position of the hands and the well-supported lifting sling provide a secure feeling and a stable standing posture.

The knees rest against a soft knee support and can be fixed with an adjustable calf strap.

The large lifting range of the lifting arm ensures that even taller people can still achieve a perfect standing position.

Due to the stable position in standing position, this active hoist can also be used to support or maintain the standing function.

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

For a wide group of users: more people to be lifted actively

Thanks to the combined movement of lifting arm and handle and the unique design of the lifting sling, more people can be actively lifted. People with, for example, lack of strength or support do not have to switch immediately to passive lifting, which would make the care more complex.

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

Compact and maneuverable, so also suitable for small spaces

The limited dimensions, central center of gravity and low rolling resistance of the wheels make for an easily maneuverable mobile patient lift.

Due to its small dimensions, this hoist is also suitable for small spaces, such as the toilet.

The leg spread of the undercarriage is electric and occurs simultaneously (the rising movement and the opening of the legs of the lift can happen simultaneously). With the wide range of leg spread, the hoist can easily be placed around wheelchairs or recliners.

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

Battery box: charging via wall charger or separate charger

The active hoist is continuously deployable thanks to an exchangeable battery box with high-capacity batteries (7.2 AH). The batteries can be charged directly on the hoist with a separate charger or via a wall charger.

Up to 160 lifting movements with 90 kg when batteries are full.

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

Top quality "Made in Belgium"

This active hoist was developed by enthusiastic people from Handi-Move and produced in Ninove/Belgium.

This mobile hoist for professional use is built with quality materials.

The hoist is robust and easy to clean and disinfect.

 - Handi-Move Patient lift hoist

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