Amputee sling

Special : amputee sling

For persons with an amputation above the knee

  • Models available for single or double amputation.
  • Standard sling without head support, with extended leg flaps.

2 Versions

Single Leg Amputation Sling

Specifically designed to support a single amputee

  • Extended padded thigh flaps
  • Seat remains free from the coccyx
  • Can be used with a 2 or 4 point spreader bar

Double Amputation Sling

Specifically designed for a double amputee

  • Fully supporting rectangular sling without head support
  • With or with our toilet cut-out
  • Available in a variety of fabrics. Mesh, plain or parachute

How to choose the right type of sling?

Rely on the Handi-Move trusted adviser. Discuss where transfers will be made, any special requirements, and all sizing considerations. The appropriate sling benefits the end user and the caregivers.

Lifting systems

Durable, dependable slings : focus on safety and quality

Handi-Move subjects the slings to extreme testing to ensure quality and safety. The slings undergo 30,000 test cycles in specially designed equipment to test endurance and quality.

Lifting systems

Tailor-made slings

A sling can be customized to accommodate the end user needs.
Change the material, adjust the straps, modify the closures.
The Handi-Move representative will assist to create a personal design to work safely and accomplish the goals.

How to choose the appropriate size sling?

A general guide of height and weight will be considered. Our advisors will assist to make sure the most suitable sling is provided.

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