Mobile pool lift

Pool lift chair

Comfortably in and out of the water

  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic sitting position
  • Sturdy plastic design
  • Safe, comes standard with a waist band
  • Fits in any (shower) wheelchair
  • For both children and adults

Ideal for swimmers who have trouble walking

Do you have difficulty walking, but can sit on the pool lift chair by yourself? Then getting in and out of the pool is a breeze. Can't sit on the chair alone? In this case, Handi-Move has a solution: with the body support or a sling, you can go directly from the wheelchair to the poolside.

The pool lift chair can be used by children and adults alike, and fits all (shower) wheelchairs.

The pool lift chair can be used in combination with the Handi-Move mobile pool lift or with a ceiling rail and ceiling motor.

Mobile pool lift

With the mobile pool lift

Combined with the mobile pool lift, the swimmer can enter and exit the pool with the help of an attendant or lifeguard.

Mobile pool lift

Transfers to and from the swimming pool

The pool lift chair is pre-positioned in a (shower) wheelchair, in the changing room or next to the pool. The swimmer sits in the same way as in a wheelchair. After attaching the loops to the spreader bar, the transfer can begin and the swimmer is immersed in the water at the desired height. When the water line is at chest height, the swimmer can get out of the chair on his own. Thanks to the density of the plastic used and the water drainage holes, the chair remains semi-floating underwater. After swimming or therapy, the swimmer can easily sit on it to be lifted out of the water.

Mobile pool lift

Independent use

Combined with a ceiling rail motor for swimming pools, swimmers can get in and out of the water without assistance. Whenever and as often as they like.

In addition to the up and down functions, the ceiling motor also features a lateral motor for motorized sideways movement.

A fast and efficient solution

With the Handi-Move pool lift chair, the transfer to the chair doesn't have to start at poolside. It can also take place discreetly in the changing rooms. If several swimmers are present at the same time, it's even possible to use several chairs. While someone is being lifted into the water, for example, another swimmer can already be taken care of in the changing room, saving considerable time.

The 4 suspension loops are quickly attached or removed from the spreader bar of the lift. The chair is lightweight and easy to handle. It can be quickly and easily replaced by a Handi-Move body support or a Handi-Move sling with the same lift. This can be useful when the swimmer is unable to move to the chair himself.

Ceiling motor as pool lift

Safety and ergonomics

The Handi-Move pool lift chair is a safe product, equipped as standard with a lap belt.

Its unique design guarantees an ergonomic sitting position.

Mobile pool lift

Quality and service

In addition to our unique design and production, you can rely on our expertise in pool transfers. For both leisure and therapeutic purposes. Swimmers, each with their own specific limitations, can always be lifted in the most appropriate way.

Selected materials are rigorously tested to guarantee long, safe use.

Ceiling motor as pool lift

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